The original idea sprang from a frustration of finding a good place to board my horse, or where a schooling show might be located. There are many hidden gems in our local areas, most you never hear about, save for word of mouth. This is the ever expanding search for barns in the area. Hartsville, SC is the present epicenter from which it moves outwards.

This effort is brought to you by the single effort of ken maginnis and MaginnisDesign

Several of the areas are beyond the hour+ drive (some are close to two) from "HartsVegas" and the tendency will be to place them on the 'periphery' page until the numbers of a single town provide reason for the expansion into its own category on the menu.

The need for thanking horse friends, even in the beginning of the process, is ever present. So, thank you for any efforts you make on the site's behalf.